The Mountain is named Kolli Malai behind the name of Goddess Ettukkai Amman(KolliPaavai).Kolli Hills or Kolli Malai is a small mountain range located in central Tamil Nadu in Namakkal district of India. The mountains are about 1000 to 1300 m in height and cover an area of approximately 280 km . The Kolli Hills are part of the Eastern Ghats, which is a mountain range that runs mostly parallel to the east coast of South India. Here is the list of places that you must visit on your vacation in Kolli Hills.

♥ Agaya Gangai Waterfalls
♥ Arappaleeswar Temple
♥ Botanical Garden
♥ Boat House
♥ View Points
♥ Masila Falls (Waterfalls)
♥ Medicinal Farm
♥ Ettukkai Amman Temple
♥ Mini Falls (Waterfalls).
♥ The Siddhar Caves


Valvil Ori was a Tamil chief who ruled over the Kolli Hills in Mazhanadu around 200 BC.Legends have it that he was a great archer and released an arrow by him pierced first and elephant, then went through the open mouth of a tiger, then a deer and the a pig and then hit a monitor lizard killing instantaneously all. Valvil Ori is famous for his archery skills. His title Valvil refers to his special archery skills.He was one of the Seven Great Benefactors or Bestowers or Patrons of the last Sangam era a.k.a Kadai ezhu vallalgal.

Remambrance and Spread Preachings of Great Benefactor & his Archery skills to the new generations so we named our resort as VALVIL HOME.

Valvil Home is a calm and relaxing atmosphere in close proximity to many tourist attractions. This luxury home is a retreat for those who want to spend time away from the hustle-bustle of city life.. Spectacular views of the mountains and valleys can be enjoyed from the Home.Valvil home is adjacent to Sekkuparai Viewpoint.

Personalized Service : Valvil home members are friendlier and the service is more personalised, because they can afford to cater to the demands of their few guests, as opposed to a hotel that has to take care of hundreds of people.

You get authentic home cooked food and The best local flavour : This is one of the most important aspects for you because you get to eat what the local populace eats on a regular basis. In hotels, the food you get is usually not as bona fide and regional since it is typically westernized to suit the fundamental taste of visitors. If you need some tailored adjustments in the stuff you like to eat, it's easy to work that out. You are treated as guests, not as clients.cook in your own kitchen if you feel like. After all, you don't have to compromise on your dietary habits.Menus at homestays are usually 100% local . Yes, so your hosts might make Maggi on demand but use this wonderful opportunity to try the local flavour of the place you are visiting.India has such a rich cuisine heritage--every five miles the taste and texture of the staple dish of the state changes--and this is your chance to try something new.

More peace and quiet : If you are travelling to get away from the noise and clutter of cities, this is a good choice. Peace and quiet and more quality time spent with yourself, or your family and friends.

The best guide on the place : No one knows a place better than the local residents, and by staying with Valvil people you have access to the best information on the place. .They can point out shortcuts and scenic routes to their guests, making exploring all the more convenient.

Lower cost : The most pragmatic reason to choose a homestay over a hotel is, of course, that it's cheaper, often by half, and doesn't come with hidden costs and a million types of taxes.

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